Online Geospatial Data Cleaning and Clustering

MRF Geosystems Corporation is an experienced Geographical Information System (GIS) firm specializing in GIS-related application development, data conversion and GIS consulting services. This project will be focused on developing an online geospatial data analysis platform which offers clustering function and map visualization with a spatial data clean module. This will be achieved by two main parts. The first is improving existing MRF multi-tolerance data cleaning techniques. This will reduce the human workload and cost of data cleaning. The second is developing web-based spatial clustering functions, which will be integrated into the industrial partner’s existing data analysis module. This will help users to discover spatial patterns and relationships and have a thorough understanding of the spatial data.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Xin Wang


Jing Wang


MRF Geosystems Corporation




Information and communications technologies


University of Calgary



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