Ontology-based Middleware Services Facilitating Access to Data Sources

Many applications often need access to information from multiple independent data sources, including public sources found on the Internet and private sources e.g., hospitals. Software that sits between an application and the data sources, so called “middleware”, can help facilitate this access. However, development of this “middleware” can be very time consuming, is often only designed to support a limited set of data sources and is developed on a case-by-case basis. In reality, the data sources may not be fixed, i.e., new ones may come and others may change, and there are often semantic differences in the data that resides in those sources. The aim of this project is to look at developing automatic or semi-automatic approaches that can be used to reduce the development effort required to build domain-specific applications that need to access multiple data sources.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Bauer


Soodeh Nikan


Pulse InfoFrame Inc.


Computer science


Medical devices


Western University



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