Operational Hydrological Forecasting in the Nelson-Churchill Watershed Using Gridded Climate Data

In order to understand the movement of water in all its three phases on, under, and above the ground, scientists known as hydrologists use computer models. These models simulate the volume of water that runs through river in response to the amount of rainfall that has reached the ground during a specific time period. Hydrologists typically use weather stations to learn how much rain has fallen over the land. In Canada and in remote parts of the country, there are not many weather stations available. Northern Manitoba is a prime example of such a place where the lack of rainfall information has stranded efforts to better understand the movement of water over land. In this study, a hydrologist is assigned to use other sources of rainfall information to better simulate river flows. This is specifically advantageous when managing water resources is of great importance for hydroelectric utilities and public stakeholders.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tricia Stadnyk


Kian Abbasnezhadi


Manitoba Hydro


Engineering - civil


Natural resources




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