Opportunities for Sino-Canadian Collaboration in Global Health Governance and Multilateral Pandemic Response

The coronavirus pandemic has elevated global health governance from a “low politics” position in foreign policy practice to an economic and security priority of international importance. Conventional foreign policy approaches to pandemic management have proven ineffective in the time of Covid-19, as states struggle to fulfil public health obligations in an increasingly globalized world. Canada’s inability to contain and manage the coronavirus is further complicated by its challenge of navigating a global order shifting to multipolarity as a middle power with close ties to the United States. This project will review recent epidemics and pandemics to determine the limitations of conventional foreign policy approaches in managing highly contagious viruses following the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. It will suggest the advancement of global health as a non-traditional security (NTS) issue, and identify realistic opportunities for improved Sino-Canadian health diplomacy. The project will address political-economic factors un/favourable to effective health diplomacy as a sub-objective to strengthen its findings.
The partner organization, the Institute for Peace and Diplomacy, will benefit from the publication of a rigorous research report on a topic at the forefront of nearly all current foreign policy issues. Findings of this project will be publicly available to the Canadian foreign policy research community. IPD welcomes the opportunity to forge a relationship with the University of Waterloo and Balsillie School of International Affairs and enter more collaborative projects that benefit students.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hongying Wang


Bailey Cordrey


Institute for Peace & Diplomacy




Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Waterloo



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