Opportunities in BC to Generate Carbon Offsets from Biomass-based Renewable Energy

The focus of this project is an estimation of the potential in BC for economically viable biomass-based renewable energy projects capable of generating greenhouse has offsets. The research required for this project involves a discussion of suitable bioenergy technologies for on and off-grid applications along with their associated fuel types, a demand-side analysis involving the identification of potential bioenergy project sites within the province of BC, and a supply-side analysis involving the preparation of an ebiomass inventory of of economically available biomass throughout the province. Research will be obtained from published data, as well as through consultations with industry, government, and academic experts and organizations. An estimate of the number and location of economically viable renewable energy projects in BC will be generated by incorporating the technology, supply, and demand-side characteristics identified in the research phase into a spreadsheet-based mathematical and financial model.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Brian Bemmels and James Tansey


Joe English






Alternative energy


University of British Columbia



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