Optical and Electrochemical Corrosion Detection and Protection

During the proposed internships, adaptive corrosion protection system (ACPS) will be developed as a stand-alone unit to provide optimum corrosion protection by changing the protection power according to the changes in environment or the material properties. This will allow the dynamic adjustments by implementing the feedback loop for the protected system. The proposed ACPS will also use efficiently stored energy from harvesting or charging. The proposed ACPS will significantly reduce and/or eliminate human interaction for an efficient and a cost-effective. Besides, the ACPS will optimize the power supplied to the protection system to optimally use the available power. Because of these technological benefits the wider adoption of the ACPS is anticipated in a wide range of practical applications. Finally, this collaborative project is intended to provide protection solution for the transmission towers as well as the corrosion-prone underground structure for the partner organization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bozena Kaminska


Mohamad Rezaei


BC Hydro




Oil and gas


Simon Fraser University



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