Optimal Design and Control of an Automated Bike Parking System

Automated parking systems is a relatively new industry in North America. Although there are techniques available for automotive applications, there is not much attention given to storing bicycles. The goal of this Mitacs project is to develop a reliable and efficient system for bicycle storage. The outcome of this project will help the supporting company, Mazdis Innovation Inc., will be an improvement in their technology to attain higher market share. Our main objectives in this projects are developing: (i) a reliable robotic system, and (2) an efficient automation and control system. This collaboration will provide the research team and the supporting company to gather the required resources available in both entities to deliver the milestones of the project. Moreover, the research team will have the opportunity to begin a long term partnership with the company for future joint projects. Finally, the project will help the interns to work on an industrial project and improve their hands-on experience.

Faculty Supervisor:

Siamak Arzanpour


Kayvan Pour-Naghmeh


Mazdis Inc


Engineering - mechanical


Information and communications technologies




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