Optimal manure management strategies to favor productive and low-GHG emitting dairy farms in Québec

Dairy production in Québec, Canada, contributes for 38% of the province agriculture-related greenhouse gas emissions. These numbers could however increase in the near future due to the evolution in manure management of dairy farms. A model (N-CyCLES), providing a whole-farm perspective considering on-farm interactions to determine the cost-effectiveness of overall strategies, will be used to assess the impact of a change in manure handling methods on greenhouse gas emissions, nitrogen and phosphorus balances, and farm net income for a typical dairy farm in two regions with contrasted climate (Southwestern and Eastern Québec). By proving better information on possibilities of on-farm GHG reduction, the project will allow better decision making from dairy producers in terms of implementation of profitable and sustainable practices.

Faculty Supervisor:

Édith Charbonneau


Sébastien Fournel


Institut de recherche et de développement en agroenvironnement


Animal science




Université Laval



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