Optimal Non-glare zone Width of Adaptive Driving Beam Based on Different Driving Scenarios and ADB Design Improvement recommendation

Adaptive driving beam (ADB) is an advance vehicle forward lighting system that automatically adapts its beam patterns to create a non-glare zone around oncoming and preceding vehicles. The purpose of ADB system is to produce good long-range visibility for driver without causing discomfort glare to other road users. The non-glare zone of current ADB system is solely based of the width of oncoming or preceding vehicle that are detected by camera. However, the optimal width of ADB non-glare zone should be different for different driving scenario. This research will develop a design methodology that will allow automakers to tune the width of the ADB non-glare zone and provide improvement of dynamic ADB non-glare zone width optimum control system design.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohammed Jalal Ahamed;Arash Ahmadi


Yihong Chen


FCA Canada


Engineering - mechanical




University of Windsor


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