Optimising Green Rainwater Infrastructure for Rain City Strategy Targets

The City of Vancouver’s Integrated Rainwater Management Plan and Rain City Strategy provides rainwater management targets and design standards for public spaces (streets, public spaces, parks) and private spaces (private property, City-owned property) in the City of Vancouver. To reach these targets, the City has adopted several Green Rainwater Infrastructure (GRI) approaches to achieve the design standards in both types of spaces. The GRI types that will help the City meet its targets sustainably include green roofs, rain barrels, and rain. The City however, is coming up against barriers to implementing these types of GRIs so to overcome these issues, this work will increase the understanding of how these GRIs can be used on different building types and spaces to meet the Rain City Strategy targets. A handful of case studies spanning the range of Tier 1 type GRIs will be selected and analyzed to demonstrate how these GRIs work and why. The case studies analysis will be developed to demonstrate to the public the benefit to both the public and private sector, and to promote their use in future planning.

Faculty Supervisor:

Caterina Valeo;Phalguni Mukhopadhyaya


Sarah Wenqin Qi


City of Vancouver


Engineering - mechanical




University of Victoria



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