Optimization and Control of Ozone Use within Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

Recirculating aquaculture systems are indoor, tank-based systems which allow aquaculturalists to raise fish in controlled environmental conditions through the use of several water treatment processes. Research related to the aquaculture industry is important, as it is currently one of the fastest growing food industries. This research aims to improve the operation of these systems by reducing the amount of organic waste in the recirculated water through the use of ozone. The focus of this project is to address problems related to the implementation of ozone treatment within recirculating aquaculture systems by developing a central method of ozone addition, validating ozone addition guidelines, determining the effectiveness of ozone for the removal of algal cultures suspended in the system flow, and evaluating automatic control of ozone addition through the use of a UV light transmittance probe. The anticipated result for Cooke Aquaculture Inc. is an ozone system which has improved performance, is inherently safer, and reduces cost through more effective ozone dosage control.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michel Couturier


Matthew Trueman


Cooke Aquaculture Corp.


Engineering - chemical / biological


Natural resources


University of New Brunswick



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