Optimization and Development of Bombardier Data Based Engineering Design Tools

The proposed research will involve optimizing and improving engineering operations within Bombardier based on data collected from flight recorders and aircraft operators. This will involve developing new processes in maintenance tracking (i.e. tracking aftermarket spares sales, scheduled maintenance, accessing direct maintenance costs per component, etc.), and implementation of a stress tools suite for in-service structures evaluations. Currently, many internal processes within Bombardier are based on nonstandardized reporting and data collection methods. With the increasing influence of using data management and analytics in engineering, the challenge of the proposed research is incorporating these fields into the existing engineering simulation and design systems at Bombardier. To solve this issue, design platforms, linking to internal Bombardier databases, will be developed using tools such as MicroStrategy and Visual Basic to guide engineering decisions with respect to maintenance scheduling, structures evaluation, and aircraft efficiency.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kamran Behdinan


John Paul Piazza;Daniel McCammon


Bombardier Aerospace


Aerospace studies






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