Optimization and modeling of BioCord fixed-film technology for nutrient and organic carbon removal from domestic wastewater

Many biological wastewater treatment options are available, ranging from advanced technologies to conventional treatment options. Fixed-film biological wastewater treatment systems are in an increasing demand for conventional plant upgrades. In this study a fixed-film media called BioCord, developed by Bishop Water Technologies, will be used. The research will propose a new opportunity to enhance the removal of contaminants (such as organic carbon and nitrogen) at higher intensity and lower energy input. The study will focus on modelling and optimizing different process parameters that include carbon and nitrogen loading rate, carbon-to-nitrogen ratio, aeration intensity and hydraulic retention time. The outcomes of this study will enable further energy savings that will increase potential marketability of the BioCord wastewater treatment technology for small communities and decentralized wastewater systems. Furthermore, it would benefit Bishop Water Technology in achieving its objective of remaining competitive in the wastewater treatment industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Martha Dagnew


Wudneh Shewa


Bishop Water Technologies Inc


Engineering - civil


Professional, scientific and technical services


Western University


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