Optimization Design and In-lab characterization of Optical Phased Arrays (OPAs)

We are proposing to help design the experimental setup to characterize chip-scale Optical Phased Arrays (OPAs). OPAs – a photonic device used for optical beam forming and beam steering – have been widely studied for LiDAR, optical sensing, free-space communication and more. Building on previously prototyped phase array antenna design at Honeywell, the team aims to develop next-generation micro-photonic phase arrays that can steer beams with minimum output of 2 Watt (optical power) for data rates on the order of 10 Gbps and acceptable bit error rates. Our goal is to establish and conduct in-lab characterization of the newly design OPA to validate and verify design parameters predicted through simulation studies, as well as to provide recommendations for optimization of the OPA design.

Faculty Supervisor:

Winnie Ye;Regina Lee


Akash Chauhan;Md. Ruhul Fatin


Honeywell International






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