Optimization in multi-currency transaction system

PeerFX Inc. provides a peer to peer currency exchange platform that brings the small business client and individuals together and allows them to exchange currencies with each other. Rather than being charged a high spread in a bank, the users save significantly in this transaction system. However, the demand and supply of currencies normally cannot be balanced merely by the clients. PeerFX should exchange the extra supply of currencies for other deficient currencies with a third party, currency exchanges. In practice, the spread charged by the third party varies according to the currency pair and the amount to exchange. The intern will provide the most profitable exchange strategy by a mathematical optimization model. This model will be further developed with the clients' priorities, the promotion strategy and the exchange rate fluctuation taken into consideration.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr, Dominik Schotzau


Liang Zhu


PeerFX Inc.




Information and communications technologies


University of British Columbia



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