Optimization of a TMP production process by Implementing a new online pulp quality analyzer

Irving Paper is a specialty paper producer located in Saint John, New Brunswick. The mill has made significant investment most recently. There are three TMP lines that produce high quality TMP to be used by two super- calendered (SC) paper machines. The TMP quality, including the fiber characteristics, would be critical in producing high- quality SC paper. The project is part of Irving Paper’s goal to optimize the overall production process, including the decrease in the production cost. This internship will work on a project related to a new on line fiber control system that will target to improve the TMP refining, screening, and paper making process. The student will use the facilities at UNB and Irving Paper to complete the proposed project. It will provide a strong training opportunity to the intern.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Yonghao Ni


Emanuel Joseph Wilby


Irving Paper Ltd.


Engineering - chemical / biological


Pulp and paper


University of New Brunswick



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