Optimization of Biodistribution and Efficacy of Fusogenix Nanoparticles in Mouse Model

Cancer cells can spread to the different parts of the body and form new tumors, in a process called metastasis. Individual cancer cells obtain the ability to metastasize by changing their genome and activating several genes required for cancer cell detachment from the tumor cluster, traveling to the new site, and growing in the new site. The Lewis Lab has recently identified a panel of genes necessary for cancer cell metastasis, and they have been designing a gene therapy-based treatment to turn off these genes in order to stop cancer cell spreading from where it starts. The partner company Entos Pharmaceuticals’ Fusogenix is a preclinical gene delivery platform that uses novel nanotechnology to efficiently deliver gene-therapy based drugs to cancer cells. Using Entos’s Fusogenix platform to deliver anti-metastatic drugs will help to bring new cancer therapeutics to the clinic.

Faculty Supervisor:

John Lewis;David Eisenstat


Maryam Hejazi


Entos Pharmaceuticals






University of Alberta


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