Optimization of Blow Heat Recovery


AV Nackwai is part of a new and innovative group of companies (AV Group), which are focused on producing specialty pulp products to service the textile and paper industry. The blow heat recovery systems, more popularly known as “The Black Hole,” is one popular area where the pulp and paper industry has utilized the energy of the blow vapors from the digesters to produce process hot water for use in the washing and bleaching operation. The blow heat recovery system at AV Nackawic has dual benefits: provides heat recovery of hot blow gases as they are released from the digester and reduces the vapor volume of the gases for non condensable gas incineration. This internship will help optimize the blow heat recovery system. It will also look at reducing operating costs through efficient heat recovery strategies that will also make the process more economic and produce another link between AV Nackawic and the University of New Brunswick, providing AW Nackawic Inc. with greater access to knowledge, research and development found at the university.


Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Yonghao Ni


Rohan Bandekar


AV Nackawic Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological


Pulp and paper


University of New Brunswick



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