Optimization of Conductive Ink Formulations for Inkjet Printing of Circuits

The newly emerging field of printable electronics is expected to facilitate widespread low-cost electronic devices for applications such as flexible displays, identification labels, wearable electronics and rapid prototyping. This field incorporates a variety of printing technologies with conductive ink to deposit conductive traces on any material. However, companies like Voltera, who are creating new technologies around inkjet printing of electronics, are faced with a dilemma. Commercially available conductive inks do not provide the electrical and structural performance required for circuit board traces. The proposed project will tackle this challenge by understanding the properties that influence the ink behavior to ultimately optimize a quality conductive ink formulation. In addition, the project will aim to implemented multilayer circuit board printing, by formulating insulating materials that are able to be deposited through inkjet printing.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Yuning Li


Xiang Li


Voltera Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological


Information and communications technologies


University of Waterloo



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