Optimization of Digital Pathology Storage and Retrieval Strategy


One of the major obstacles that hinders the adaption of the digital pathology solutions is the inadequate performance and network overload for pathology image storage and retrieval. A common technical problem is the limited bandwidth of the network and the delayed  transmission speed of digital images to the viewing station. There is an urgent need for a substantial improvement in balancing the network bandwidth, image quality and image data for the region of the interest in the whole slide image. In this project, we propose a descriptive framework to specify user requirements and digital pathology usage context. We propose to formalize a set of explicit routing rules as a base strategy for directing how digital pathology images shall be stored, accessed and archived. This rule set is adaptive to the patterns of usage, network constraints and pathologist’s working habits.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Helen Chen


Saravana Rajan


Agfa Healthcare




Life sciences


University of Waterloo



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