Optimization of Fine Solids Removal in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

The objective of the project is to test and optimize a novel stationary bed filter for removing fine waste solids from the water of recirculating aquaculture systems. The filter uses plastic media to intercept the waste solids. Beta prototypes of the filter have been installed at four hatcheries owned by Cooke Aquaculture Inc. in the provinces of New Brunswick and Newfoundland. The four prototypes operate at different water superficial velocities and use different plastic media. A major issue with all prototypes is a pulse of dirty water after each cleaning of the filter. The main focus of our project will be to assess the performance of the four existing prototypes, identify and rectify the cause of the problems with the cleaning cycle, and propose design improvements. Our work will benefit Cooke Aquaculture Inc. by improving the effectiveness of their four existing filters and by providing design suggestions for the next generation of stationary bed filters.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Michel Couturier


Lionel Hayter


Cooke Aquaculture Corp.


Engineering - chemical / biological


Fisheries and wildlife


University of New Brunswick



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