Optimization of haskap Juice manufacturing process

Haskap, an emerging new berry crop in Canada, has tremendous potential for use in functional foods. The crop can be easily propagated and grown in a wide range of soils providing economic benefit, in that it will allow for better use of abundant farm lands present in Atlantic Canada. Research conducted at the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus indicates that antioxidant properties and total polyphenols of haskap are greater than that of wild blueberry. The polyphenol extracts of haskap exhibit remarkable anti-inflammatory properties in isolated human macrophages when compared with prescribed drugs. The proposed research is aligned with the business plan of LaHave Forests Inc. plan to market a premium quality haskap juice for health conscious consumers. Primarily, the project outcomes include identification of optimum juice recovery technologies, pasteurization methods, packaging and storage methods, as well as characterization of nutritional, antioxidant and cardioprotective properties of haskap juice.

Faculty Supervisor:

Vasantha Rupasinghe


Laura Wiser


LaHave Forests Inc.


Environmental sciences




Dalhousie University



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