Optimization of Heat Treatment of DC Cast Aluminum Ingot Plates

PCP Canada, the industrial partner of this project, is planning to produce new categories of DC cast aluminum plates with high quality and competitive prices for the manufacture of large molds used in automotive and plastic industries. The present work is undertaken to optimize the heat treatment practice of the plates of certain DC cast alloys, including AA2219, AA2024, and AA7005 alloys, in order to achieve the best combination of microstructural characteristics and mechanical properties that fulfils the specifications of large molds. The project studies the effects of various heat treatment procedures (solution treatment, quenching, and aging) on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the plates to find the optimum heat treatment practice that achieves the targeted specifications. The project will help PCP Canada to develop the production of the precision cast plates and to open new markets through the addition of new categories of these plates.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. X-Grant Chen


Emad-Eldin Elgallad


PCP Canada




Construction and infrastructure


Université du Québec à Chicoutimi



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