Optimization of new inhibitors of type 2 serine proteases as anti-influenza agents

The proposed project aims at optimizing new antivirals to fight influenza. Current antivirals, which target proteins of the virus, suffer from severe resistance owing to mutations in the virus. Our group has identified some enzymes in the human lung that are critical for the maturation of the influenza virus. By blocking these enzymes, we expect that the proposed treatment will be a lot less prone to the development of resistance since the target is the host and not the highly mutable virus. In order to achieve this, we plan to finance, with the help of Mitacs and our partner Neomed, three post-doctoral fellows and one PhD student to optimize compounds and test their activity on the specific enzymes expressed in the human lung. This project will allow our partner Neomed to advance these molecules toward clinical development and provide a much needed alternative to current anti-influenza agents.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eric Marsault


Pallavi Thakur, Éloïc Colombo & TBD


Amplia PharmaTek Inc.


Pharmacy / Pharmacology




Université de Sherbrooke



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