Optimization of Plastic Scintillator Thicknesses for Beta Gamma Detection

Because radiation is so prevalent in modern technology it is important to have instruments that will measure radiation. Instruments that measure exposure rate or the intensity of radiation at a location are called radiation detectors. Most of the detectors used to measure ionizing radiation (such as alpha, beta, and gamma radiation) are based on the ability of the radiation to ionize materials or to excite atoms within materials. Most of the radiation detectors used in radiation measurements will measure only one type of radiation at a time (for example, only beta or only gamma radiation). This project is to investigate using a plastic scintillator detector for beta]gamma at the same time. Scintillate means; to produce sparks of light when hit by particles or photons and there is crystal and plastic scintillator to use it in detectors. By attaching the two layer of plastic with difference in thickness and placing just one photomultiplier (PMT) in both layers, we can detect betaparticles (electrons) and gamma]radiation (photons) at the same time.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Rachid Machrafi


Khadijeh Farzaneh Pourtangestani







Ontario Tech University



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