Optimization of Reforestation Success: a Data Analysis and Spatial Visualization Strategy


The Overall goal of these internships is to assist LEAF with capacity development concerning data collection, analysis and spatial visualization. Specifically, the internship wil focus on studies that complement my Ph.D dissertation topic ‐ Developing a Spatially
Explicit, Multi Criteria Decision Making Approch to Urban Forest Management in the Greater Toronto Area ‐ while at the same time improve LEAF's Ability to effectively understand and deliver its core urban reforestation programs. The internships are envisoned as
follows: Internship 1: Identification of priority Areas for Urban Reforestation. Specifically, this internship will involve developing a number of spatial metrics to determine priority planting areas in the Great Toronto Area. (GTA) Internship 2; Spatial Analysis and Mapping of Organizational Data. Construction of an internal Web‐based Geographic Information System (GIS) that will permit LEAF to visualize and explore organizational data such as: client characteristics, tree species planting success, and delivery model comparisons.
Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Andrew Millward




Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests


Geography / Geology / Earth science




Ryerson University



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