Optimization of Reserve Crew Open-Time Pairings at Jazz Aviation LP

The crew scheduling problem deals with the assignment of crews, both pilots and flight attendants, to a given flight schedule, which first requires flights to be grouped into sequences known as pairings which begin and end at the same base or city. Crew pairings must comply with extensive collective agreement rules. This project deals specifically with open-time flying for flight attendants. Open-time flying refers to flights and/or pairings of flights that may have been left unassigned for different reasons such as, but not limited to crew sickness, crew fatigue, weather, and aircraft maintenance issues. Currently at Jazz Aviation LP, flights in open time are assigned manually by the Crew Scheduling Department. This project intends to develop a tool that generates feasible airline crew pairings which cover all open flights while satisfying regulations, and optimize the performance measures identified by the company.

Faculty Supervisor:

Claver Diallo


Fatemeh Mortazavi


Jazz Aviation LP






Dalhousie University



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