Optimization of the heat treatment process of large size forgings of high strength steels- experimentation and modeling

The objective of the present project is to develop the necessary tools for the optimization of the manufacturing of large size forged ingots made of high strength steels used in the transportation and energy industries. The project will analyze all the manufacturing steps including, ingot casting, open die forging and quench & temper steps. For each step, advanced experimental equipment at the hot deformation laboratory at ETS will be used to obtain material laws under working conditions similar to the ones used by the industrial partner. Also, Finite Element Modeling will be used to simulate the industrial conditions by using reliable material data developed at the laboratory scale. Finally, the predictions will be validated at the industrial scale by using Sorel Forge’s facilities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohammad Jahazi


Abdelhalim Loucif, Kanwal Chadha & TBD


Sorel Forge


Engineering - mechanical




École de technologie supérieure



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