Optimization of the stem/gate connection of industrial valves– experimentation and modeling

Velan Inc. in Montreal, Quebec is one of the world leaders in design and manufacturing of industrial steel valves for applications in chemical, oil and gas, military, mining, and nuclear industries. Velan wishes to optimize its valve design in terms of maximum strength and minimum weight according to latest standard requirements. To achieve that, its existing analytical and finite element method (FEM) models should be improved by taking into account large deformation and contact analysis to accurately predict the failure point of stem and gate. The results of improved models will be validated by a series of destructive pull testing on an in-house test setup and the best-practice models will be recognized in a design loop. The efficiency of new developed models will be evaluated by design and testing of a new optimized stem/gate connection. The successful conclusion of this project will provide Velan with an improved understanding of failure mechanisms of its products. Furthermore, the developed state-of-the-art models will enable Velan to redesign a broader spectrum of the valves and prevent time consuming and expensive destructive testing.

Faculty Supervisor:

Daniel Therriault


Mohammadhadi Mahdavi


Velan Inc


Engineering - mechanical


Oil and gas




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