Optimization of the SyncWave Power Resonator

SyncWave Energy Inc (SEI) is a domestic developer of wave energy conversion technology. In 2008, SyncWave aims to deliver small, commercial SyncWave Power Resonators for servicing isolated communities and offshore installations. In parallel with experimental of the first prototype unit, named CHARLOTTE, SEI is collaborating with UVic researchers on the development of a tuning device named SWELS. In order to implement SWELS in CHARLOTTE, it is necessary to use linear mathematical models and optimization algorithms to determine how SWELS should be controlled with changing wave frequencies and heights. The intern will use experimental data gathered in January 2007 to validate SWELS and the mathematics used to govern its operation. If good correlation is observed, the linear modelling will be extended to create a non-linear simulator that will be the primary design tool in the development of commercial units for 2008.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Bradley Buckham


Scott Beatty


SyncWave Energy Inc.




Alternative energy


University of Victoria



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