Optimized Design of Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Sunshades

The proposed project involves the creation of a computational framework to optimize the design of building integrated photovoltaic sunshades. Such shades would allow improved lighting conditions within the indoor environment, while generating power through the photovoltaic panels. The design framework takes in design constraints such as the allowable size of the shade, the location and orientation of the building, and properties of the photovoltaics of interest, and provides the user with a design maximizing power generation, while providing improved daylighting conditions within the building, both spatially and temporally, and reducing cooling loads. Following the model development, a case study on a specific implementation of such a solar shade will be prototyped. The research will be a collaboration between an academic group, a PV supplier, and an architectural firm, including structural and electrical engineers, to implement the design soluti

Faculty Supervisor:

Eric Johlin


Seyedsoroush Sadatifar


Cornerstone Architecture


Engineering - mechanical


Construction and infrastructure


Western University



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