Optimizing a Gauze Dressing that Effectively Delivers Tranexamic Acid, Thrombin and Calcium for Severe Hemorrhage

Bleeding is a major cause of death for both civilians and military personnel. Between 2001-2011, 976 deaths on the battlefield were deemed potentially survivable, with 90.9% associated with hemorrhage. Typical strategies for stopping bleeding, such as compressing the wound, are less feasible in these situations. The proposed work aims to develop a new wound dressing carrying hemostatic drugs to treat these severe bleeding scenarios. The new dressing, named “CounterFlow-Gauze”, propels tranexamic acid and thrombin throughout the wound site. To develop CounterFlow-Gauze we will (1) optimize the formulation of CounterFlow, (2) demonstrate CounterFlow’s efficacy and ease-of-use, (3) Determine storage conditions and quality assurance for CounterFlow, (4) Generate a manufacturing process by combining the results of previous work and the proposed work to incorporate CounterFlow into the US military supply chains. This project will benefit the partner organization, CoMotion, reach it goal of commercializing CounterFlow-Gauze.

Faculty Supervisor:

Christian Kastrup


Adele Khavari;Massimo Cau


CoMotion Drug Delivery Systems




Professional, scientific and technical services


University of British Columbia



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