Optimizing synergies in Eco-Industrial Parks: A multi-objective model to minimize effects of the uncertainty on sustainable design of EIP

A sustainable system is supposed to satisfy its stakeholders’ social, financial, and environmental requirements. Although there are many studies to optimize design decisions in a sustainable system, limited research is found to consider multiple objectives in sustainable system design. We study Eco-Industrial Parks (EIPs) as a sustainable system where businesses and local communities collaborated together to share resources and infrastructure
to gain economic and environmental objectives. Uncertainty, defined as lack of information, affects EIPs and hurdles optimal decisions in sharing resources. After reviewing structure of collaborations and symbioses in EIP, design decisions and uncertainty type and distribution will be investigated. The study will propose a multi objective model to optimize resource sharing decisions in EIPs under uncertainty using mathematical programing. A solution approach will be developed and its validity will be evaluated using a case study in the host research institute. This study will provide an optimal tool for EIP decision makers to share energy, water, and resources among actors, considering multiple objectives (e.g., cost, environmental impacts, etc.) under uncertainty.

Faculty Supervisor:

Qingjin Peng


Hamid Afshari



Engineering - mechanical



University of Manitoba



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