Optimizing the Thermal and Optical Performance of Multilayer Glazing with Application of Nano-optical Coating

The following research project will be used to investigate, develop and determine the performance of the application of a new nanotechnological material as a coating on glazing for the purposes of reducing the transmittance of specific wavelengths on the spectral curve. This will reduce the overall building heating and cooling energy consumption and will create a new market for the product in Canada and abroad. Until recently, this material has been too cost-prohibitive for all but a small subset of industrial uses, but new manufacturing techniques have reduced costs to the point where its parameters for optimal application can be formally Identified for building construction and other uses. The research will be conducted on large-scale computational simulation; Identification of best practices for different situations; design; critical evaluation and feasibility study.

Faculty Supervisor:



EH2 Solar


Engineering - civil


Medical devices


Concordia University



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