Optimizing the use of recycled treated fines in eco-efficient concrete mixtures

Concrete is a major construction material used worldwide responsible for the production of roughly 7% of total global carbon dioxide emissions. The extent of its environmental impact relates to the energy embodied in extraction and transportation of concrete aggregates with a direct link to the amount of Portland cement (PC) used to bind the raw materials. Recent advances in design protocols, packing models, and geopolymers are increasingly being used to minimize concrete’s carbon footprint and to produce PC free mixes. In this study, we plan on using recycled materials, such as those derived from concrete construction projects, to offset raw material requirements. Yet little is known of how recycled and treated soil fines affect concrete and geopolymer mixtures in the fresh and hardened states. Using the above mentioned techniques, this work aims to incorporate recycled and treated fine materials into concrete and geopolymer mixtures at proportions that minimally affect performance.

Faculty Supervisor:

Leandro Sanchez


Ana Bergmann


Northex Environement


Engineering - civil


Administrative and support, waste management and remediation services


University of Ottawa



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