Organic sorbent and nanotechnology-assisted bioremediation of industrial effluents

Highly toxic organic and inorganic chemicals result from various industrial operations have been identified in surface and ground waters in very small concentrations, making their removal difficult. In partnership with Lorax Systems Inc., the objective of this research is to
develop a novel, biologically-based material for the treatment of industrially relevant wastewater streams, exploring not only the water treatment aspects but also the post-processing of the biomaterial for recycling within other processes. The outcome of this research will be the commercialization of an advanced water purification technology by Lorax Systems Inc. For the intern, this research will provide technical and analytical resources that would otherwise be unavailable, fostering the completion of a PhD, and a career in biomaterial science and water treatment systems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Adam Donaldson


Aaron Outhwaite


Lorax Systems Inc.




Oil and gas


Dalhousie University



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