Organizational Risk Appetite/Tolerances

Organizations face increasing pressure to articulate organizational risk appetite/tolerances but are not adequately equipped to do so. To remedy this problem, this project addresses how an organization should determine and express its risk appetite and tolerances. It employs qualitative research methods to integrate diverse theory, practice and policy literatures with the partner organization serving as a case study. The project’s three primary deliverables are an integrated organizational risk appetite/tolerances framework for the partner organization, a practitioner report for The Conference Board of Canada, and an academic manuscript for the intern and his co-researchers. These outcomes should provide direct governance benefits for the partner organization as well as indirect learning benefits for the practitioner, policymaker and academic communities more broadly. This will be the second and most intensive phase of this research project, which started in November 2010 after receiving approval from the University of Calgary Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Norma Nielson


Christopher Eaton





Finance, insurance and business


University of Calgary



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