Over-The-Air (OTA) Testing System For 5G Wireless Devices

Over the air (OTA) test is the standard procedure for wireless devices to verify the transceiver and antennas performance together in specified conditions. Any wireless device such as tablets, phones and laptop must go under OTA testing. Furthermore, regulatory organizations require OTA testing before the wireless device being certified.
Due to the time-consuming procedure of OTA testing, currently manufacturers and vendors limit themselves to a small sample of devices for testing. However, in 5G, the next wireless revolution, that needs 10-20 times more transceiver path than 4G, the OTA testing for sample products is not sufficient and each device has to be tested.
This project focuses on solutions for testing these devices with a proprietary mass production compatible OTA techniques.
DVTest company is extremely interested in the viability of these technologies because it opens up product development opportunities in the growing 5G marketplace and PCB fault detection.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pedram Mousavi


Rezvan Rafiee Alavi




Engineering - mechanical




University of Alberta



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