Overcoming Barriers to Sustainable Purchasing: A Case Study of Avocado Co-op

In order to meet global climate change goals, it is necessary for consumers to shift their preferences for products towards more sustainable and eco-friendly options. Two common barriers that consumers experience when purchasing green products are: 1) perceived difficulty of buying green, and 2) skepticism about the quality of green brands. Avocado Co-op is attempting to address these barriers by offering a service that delivers member-tested sustainable household products direct to the consumer. This research proposes using Avocado Co-op’s business as a case study to develop a strategic plan which allows Avocado to target and overcome key barriers to purchasing sustainable products. Interviews, focus groups, and surveys will be used to talk to participants about their knowledge and experience of Avocado Co-op’s service.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sean Geobey


Sarah Fries


Avocado Co-op


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry




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