Pan-disability COVID-19 data leadership and coordination initiative

The Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorder Alliance (CASDA) was created to develop and implement a comprehensive National Autism Strategy (NAS) to addresses critical gaps in funding and policies which are preventing autistic individuals and their families from exercising their equal rights as Canadians. COVID-19 has created additional challenges for families across Canada that must be taken into account as we set policies moving forward. CASDA will collect information, resources, and surveys specifically relevant for autistic people and their families in light of the COVID-19 crisis and make it available in one accessible location (the COVID-19 Navigation Guide web page). CASDA will also meet regularly with leaders from disability organizations and researchers to encourage collaboration and ensure that the most relevant and evidence-based information is being shared. The information curated will be utilized when writing federal government policy recommendations to suggest concrete ways to support families now and following the pandemic.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ryan Stevenson


Fakhri Shafai


Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorder Alliance






Western University



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