Paper-Based Weather Resistant Membrane for Building Applications

Currently, petroleum-based water resistance membranes are used in the construction industry in order to create a barrier against water. These make recycling a challenge during building demolition, as well as create a significant carbon footprint of their own. The purpose of this project is to develop a paper-based water barrier to replace the petroleum-based alternatives. In partnership with FPInnovations, two postdoctoral scholars will develop and benchmark the technology, working both at UBC and FPInnovations in Vancouver and Pointe-Claire. One postdoc will focus on the water repellent barrier technology development while the other focuses on forming the paper basesheet with the physical properties necessary to be used as a weather membrane. FPInnovations, whose mission involves the use and valourization of forest products, benefits from this project by opening up a new use for paper – in the building envelope space.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kevin Golovin


Majid Mohseni;Wanhee Im;Xiaoxiao Zhao




Engineering - mechanical






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