Parallel computing of particle-laden flows with applications to energy processes

We develop advanced computational models of particle-laden flows and flows through porous media at the scale of the particle/pore to better understand the momentum, heat and mass transfer that govern these flows. We use the models through performing parallel computing on large supercomputers and generate a large quantity of detailed data in the core of the flows. We then analyze these data and coarse-grain them in the form of average transfer coefficients that can be later utilized in macroscopic models. The emphasis of the project is on the effect of the particle shape and porous media microstructure. Specific applications targeted in the project are oil extraction and catalytic cracking, but the developed computational models and acquired knowledge find applications in a much wider range of processes and natural flows.

Faculty Supervisor:

Anthony Wachs


Aashish Goyal



Engineering - chemical / biological


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of British Columbia



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