Participator Cities. Every one. Every day: Toronto

Participatory Cities: Every One. Every Day: Toronto seeks to strengthen neighbourhood communities in Regent Park and Alexandra Park in Toronto. This research internship contributes to the project by developing a comprehensive understanding of what supports social cohesion in these neighbourhoods, and what hinders it. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused new problems for neighbourhoods, making it harder for people to come together as a community. This research internship will be conducting its research with these issues at the forefront to provide solutions to this difficult situation. Because Participatory Cities: Every One. Every Day: Toronto is about involving residents directly in creating more cohesion this internship will also involve residents directly in the research processes, so they can be part of the project to get to know their neighbourhoods.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Murakami Wood


Thomas Linder


Social Innovation Institute




Other services (except public administration)


Queen's University



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