Passive Dampers in Elevated Tanks for Mitigating the Effects of Wind and Seismic Loads in New and Existing Structures

The objective of the proposed R & D project is to recommend a methodology for using tuned liquid damper as a passive damper placed in elevated tanks. A portion of contained liquid can be utilized to act as a tuned liquid damper with some modifications. This methodology can be used to control displacements due to wind and earthquake effects. A numerical program using the finite element method is proposed, which will be conducted to simulate a structure with a TLD attached and subjected to transient loading. The results of this study will be applied to elevated tanks. The main parameter is to control displacements under wind and seismic effects which are of major concern. The proposed technique is expected to be very efficient and cost-effective, which could result in substantial reductions in displacements as compared to other techniques which are currently being used.

The work to be done on this project will include finite element and finite volume analysis and will consider structure-tank-liquid interaction effects. In addition, a new design configuration regarding the installation of tuned liquid dampers in elevated tanks, as well as baffles to increase the energy dissipation of the system will be considered. Most of the research done in this field is concentrated on idealization of TLDs and using simplified methods. By using a robust computer program in this research, both the structure and the liquid tank will be modeled in three-dimensional space, which will enable us to investigate the effects of all components of loading in the system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Reza Kianoush


Amir reza Ghaemmaghami



Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure


Ryerson University



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