Path planning, Navigation, and Control of the tractor-trailer type Autonomous Vehicles at the Advanced Intelligent Systems (AIS)

The project’s overall objective is to design, develop, and implement path planning and object avoidance algorithms for an autonomous Cart Puller (Tractor-Trailer) vehicle, developed by Advanced Intelligent Systems (AIS) Inc. Cart puller is an autonomous tractor-trailer type vehicle designed to operate in out-door and in-door nursery farms and greenhouses efficiently. They are used for moving planted pots fully autonomously. The Robotic Operating System (ROS) and STM32 microcontroller will be used to develop the high-level and machine-level control strategies, respectively. The partner organization, Advanced Intelligent Systems (AIS) located in Burnaby, BC, Canada, is a custom robotics company that creates customized autonomous robotic solutions for real world problems. In particular, the focus of the company is on design and development of unmanned systems to be used in nursery farms and greenhouses. There is no other place better than BC, Canada to start developing innovative solutions for autonomy in handling planted pots in horticultural industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mehran Mehrandezh


Behnam Moradi


Advanced Intelligent Systems Inc.




University of Regina



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