Patient localization and identification using a Bluetooth-based sensor network

In general, hospital based medical personnel usually have little or no objective data describing an individual patient?s pre, intra and post-operative (perioperative) movement and activity. We are developing low cost and easily deployable technologies to monitor patient activity patterns and the associated intensities. We want to objectively identify medically important indicators of normal versus abnormal postoperative evolution. We want to use low-cost wearable accelerometers and other wearable sensors, along with sensors attached to walking aids, and environmental sensors to gain a better understanding of progression of patient mobility preoperatively and postoperatively. Using Bluetooth technology, we seek to determine a suitable system design and algorithms to locate and identify patient(s) in their hospital rooms, and eventually, on the hospital floor. We would also like to use Bluetooth technology to synchronize, communicate, and fuse with various other sensor data. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Shahram Payandeh


Nasreen Mohsin


Xerus Medical Inc.




Medical devices




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