PeerScholar in the K-12 Educational System

This project explored the effectiveness of an educational technology called peerScholar, which is an online peer-assessment tool used to enhance student learning. To date, all of the findings on peerScholar have focused on the development of critical thinking skills at the University level. However, given that learning begins earlier, the proposed research will examine the effectiveness of peer-assessment, via peerScholar, throughout Grades 9 to 12. The goal Is to replicate, and to extend, the peer-assessment findings with younger students. This research provides Pearson Canada with a pilot project that would offer valuable market research about what educators of younger students need, and want, from this tool. This project also has the opportunity to provide school boards across Ontario with scientific research on the effectiveness of online educational technologies, which can justify their growing use in our educational system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Steve Joordens


Lisa-Marie Collimore


Pearson Canada Inc.






University of Toronto



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