People, Places, Policies and Prospects: Affordable Rental Housing for Those in Greatest Need

This research project examines affordable housing options and experiences of those in greatest need. The regional Ottawa team is part of a national collaboration of researchers, practitioners, and community partners forming the “housing for those in greatest need” node of the CMHC-SSHRC Collaborative Housing Research Network of the National Housing Strategy. The national project examines various sub-populations of marginalized groups of people in different regions in Canada. The Ottawa regional team is using a community-based participatory research approach to examine the experiences of formerly homeless youth experiences with accessing and living in various affordable housing options. This research will provide a better understanding of youth experiences in affordable housing, and how to improve mechanisms that address youth homelessness and improve affordable housing options and experiences for youth populations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Blair Rutherford


Andrew Crosby


United Way Ottawa




Other services (except public administration)


Carleton University



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