Peptide-Functionalized Graphene Oxide Nanocarrier for Targeting Drug Delivery and Cancer Treatment

Carbon Upcycling Technologies Inc. is a technological research and development company in Calgary. They chemically adsorb carbon dioxide emissions into carbon-based materials, such as graphitic nanoplates and graphene oxide, and they commercialized the technology. Recently, extending graphene-based materials into drug delivery applications is attracted their attention. However, specific targeting and intracellular trafficking are the most important requirements in a well-performed drug delivery systems. Targeting molecules have to be attached to graphene-based materials. In this proposed project, graphene oxide will be combined with systematically designed peptide molecules to form a platform. The model drug doxorubicin will be loaded on the graphene surfaces by – stacking and the designed peptide in the platform is for targeting lung cancer cells. The interaction mechanism between the doxorubicin and graphene oxide with the controlled release of doxorubicin will be studied. Then the platform with doxorubicin will be tested in an in vitro and in vivo environment for potential efficient uptake and anti-tumor activity. With Carbon Upcycling Technologies Inc., there are significant opportunities to build an effective graphene-based drug delivery system for the potential of targeted cancer chemotherapy.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pu Chen


Lei Zhang


Carbon Upcycling Technologies


Engineering - chemical / biological



University of Waterloo



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