Perceptual training in melanoma diagnosis using skin lesion images

Melanoma, the most deadly type of skin cancer, has increasing incidence and a high mortality rate. Early diagnosis of melanoma is currently the only way to reduce the mortality rate as well as the health care cost of treating melanoma. However, the existing approaches in training melanoma diagnosis are not effective. In this project, we will evaluate a perceptual approach, which mirrors how dermatologists improve their ability in melanoma diagnosis, to train melanoma diagnosis. This research will help the company to provide scientific evidence of whether the perceptual training program currently being developed by the company is in fact more effective than the existing training programs in the market. The ultimate goal of this project is to improve the survival rate of melanoma, and reduce the health care cost of treating melanoma in the late stages.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Masson


Buyun Xu


1118604 BC LTD




Medical devices




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